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Actualizado: 18 de sep de 2020

A Full Spectrum Lifestyle Brand of Craft Cannabis by Cannabis Connoisseurs

Hi, welcome back the Jet Cannabis Just Landed blog here. We have the Seattle Marijuana Company. They are a small batch producer of a wide array of products actually. Capsules, oil, flavored infused pre-rolls, and we can see here some beautiful flower. Here, we have our Purple Pinecone ounce. It's a good hybrid Indica. You can see it has a lot of trichomes on it. They're really able to spend a lot of times nurturing their buds and their marijuana being such a small back. Actually, up in Arlington is where they grow. They have a great selection of Indicas, hybrids and Sativas. Here at Jet we cover a wide array of their products. Come check us out at 11325 Evergreen Way, Everett, WA 98204 or at JetCanabisCo.com. Thanks.

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